Your First International Trip: Dos and Don’ts

Your first international trip is both exciting and daunting. It’s something entirely new, and that fluttery feeling you get in your stomach is something that doesn’t go away- trust me. Whether you’re flying across the ocean, or taking a cruise ship, or teleporting (I wish), there are a few things you should know about your […]


Ten Things You MUST Bring on Your Next International Flight

International flights are notorious for riding the line between exciting, excruciatingly dull, and so uncomfortable. Think about a tiny little seat surrounded by strangers, and stick yourself on that flight from anywhere for 5 to 12 hours. Sounds horrible, right? But so worth it once you arrive at your destination. Here are a few items […]


Top Five Safety Tips for International Travel

Traveling is so exciting, and you often get so wrapped in the act of “Going” that you forget that there are mundane details you should attend to in order to make sure your trip goes smoothly. These details also help keep you safe, even if you’re going somewhere that is not exactly a “bad part of town.”

  1. Keep your luggage with you at all times.

I mean it; even take your bathroom with you at the airport if you have to. Once you’ve landed at your hotel at your final destination, sure, you can leave your luggage in the room. And of course, you can check your large luggage on a plane, train, or cargo ship. But whenever you have direct contact with your bag, don’t leave it unattended. You don’t want anything to happen to your luggage, or for anything to go missing. And you would obviously not like it to be confiscated by security.

  1. Don’t handle money in obvious ways. 

It’s never recommended, no matter where you are, to let others around you know that you’ve got a stack of hundo’s in your back pocket. When you’re traveling internationally, keeping half (or more) of your money tucked away in other places, like a shoe inside your luggage. Don’t keep it all in your wallet, and don’t handle money obviously. This attracts attention, and not always the kind of attention you want.


  1. Be aware of your surroundings.

 Of course, everyone (of age) wants to have a few drinks when they’re on vacation. If you’re on a resort and you’re 100 feet from your hotel room at all times, go hog wild. If it requires a bus trip, taxi, or a long walk in a foreign city to get back to your hotel, make sure you know where you are and where you’re going. This way, you won’t be taken advantage of by jerk cab drivers, and you will also ensure you get to your hotel safely no matter where you are.

  1. Go with the crowd. 

Sometimes, as a tourist, depending on the area, it’s safest to go where all the other tourists go. While this is rare, it is possible that certain areas are not safe for visitors (or even locals). Many locals will share this information with you freely, just ask if there’s somewhere you should especially avoid.

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  1. Don’t be stupid. 

Sure, water sports are fun. If you’re on vacation, make sure you’re not drinking and going parasailing- sand hurts when it’s embedded in your skin. Take your medicine, you don’t want to have an asthma attack walking around a new city. Try to not tick off a drunk person in a bar. You know, common sense things that you do at home. Keep doing them while you’re on vacation.

Staying safe on your international trip is really not that different from staying safe at home. Just make sure you’re aware of yourself, your stuff, and the area you’re in.



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